Maximum Refund Available

You are guaranteed to get the maximum refund that is available for a specific scenario or your money back.

Taxes Prepared in Person or Remotely

For most people, I can meet you in the comforts of your own home, or at your local coffee shop. I also can do them online through this form**.

Free Audit Assistance Included

I provide full audit assistance for FREE! That pertains to any return that’s prepared by me.

"Keeping on track. I have been searching for a solution to file my taxes without trusting and using an automated do it yourself online solution. CJ has been very professional in helping me with my tax return."

− Jennifer Rodriguez, Family Taxes

"It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease."

− John Smith, Tech Industries

"I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!"

− Brenda Johnson, Cupcakes by Brenda