Maximum Refund Available

You are guaranteed to get the maximum refund that is available for a specific scenario or your money back.


Taxes Prepared in Person or Remotely

For most people, I can meet you in the comforts of your own home, place of business, or your local coffee shop. I also can do them online through this form**.


Free Audit Assistance Included

I provide full audit assistance for FREE! That pertains to any return that’s prepared by me.


"Charles, I can’t thank you enough for your love of numbers and finances. I appreciate your work, and how you always want to help make sure I’m getting everything that I financially deserve."

− April Kayganich

"Very helpful. Prompt, bright, and useful. I enjoyed speaking with Mr. Hopkins. Consummate professional."

− Dr. Randy Bock, MD

"Charles was very patient with me and answered all of my basic tax questions. He also went above and beyond to do some research for me on some more obscure topics regarding my specific tax situation."

− Venkat Dinavahi, Founder of Coderly

"Charles is the absolute best tax accountant I have ever met. Before I met Charles I had a professional accountant preparing my Taxes in Dallas who had been doing it for 30 years. I never got the results from him I get with Charles. If you need your taxes prepared in a professional and detailed manner by someone who cares about what he does. You need him!"

− Chad Divine

"If you need a good and honest tax preparer please check Hopkins Tax & Accounting out! Charles Hopkins has been doing my taxes since forever!"

− Uduak Chiobi, PharmD

"I have known Charles for years and cannot imagine a more trustworthy, intelligent, and compassionate tax guy out there."

− Phaidra Lynn Harper

"I do a lot of freelance work and before going with Charles, I was missing out on so many tax breaks and helpful info. Charles not only helped me find those breaks but also educated me on other great tips financially."

− Chris Fisher, iOS Developer